Research Papers

20 years of research, testing and usage. Millions of successful restorations.

XRD Analysis on Silverfil.pdf

XRD Analysis

Silverfil Argentum has been proven to contain zero excess mercury. 

Structural and Compositional Chracteriziation of Silverfil.pdf

Structural and Compositional Characteriziation

Silverfil Argentum is proven to react completely, with zero excess mercury, and with the final filling being similar to a mineral in nature called "Moschellandsbergite". 

Silverfil Argentum_test_genotoxicity_2010.pdf

Genotoxicity Study

Silverfil Argentum has been proven to have no genotoxicity. This was proven using a Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay (Ames Test). 

ADA2015 presentation - Sandwich Technique.pdf

Sandwich Technique using Silverfil

Silverfil Argentum can be used as a foundation (base) below composite resins to prevent BPA leaching into the pulp. 

In Vitro Antibacterial Study on Silverfil.pdf

Antibacterial Effects Study

Silverfil Argentum has been proven to have high antibacterial effects (towards Streptococcus mutans).

Vicker's Hardness Test on Silverfil.pdf

Diametral Tensile Strength Test

Silverfil Argentum exhibits high diametral tensile strength.