Silverfil Argentum is a composite (fusion) mineral filling that is absolutely mercury-free.


The world's first and only silver filling that is mercury-free. 

Proven to have no genotoxicity.

Prevents BPA leaching in composites

Can be used as a foundation (base) below composite resins, as it is proven to prevent BPA leaching into the pulp. 

High Antibacterial properties

Silverfil Argentum fillings have been proven to have much higher antibacterial properties than other filling materials.

Environmentally friendly

Similar to a naturally occurring mineral (Moschellandsbergite) in nature, making it environmentally friendly unlike excess mercury containing amalgams which are considered hazardous waste. 

No special storage needed

Waste does not require any special storage since it has no excess mercury. It can be stored in any dry container and there is no concern over contamination of the water system in the clinic. 

No special disposal needed

Waste is easy to dispose as it is non-hazardous unlike current amalgams containing excess mercury. 

Silverfil Argentum is patented, and the only one of it's kind in the world. 

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